Shannon Montgomery Receives Brown Belt

Shannon received her brown belt last Sunday making her Kentucky’s highest ranked woman.  She has been a dedicated and consistent student for many years in Bowling Green.  Taking the weekly abuse at the hands of bigger and stronger men, she has outlasted them all!  Nowadays she is a pillar for the team.  She helps teach […]

Josh receives 3rd stripe

Professor Josh Johnson received his 3rd stripe, 9 years a black belt! A little history, he was the 3rd black belt promoted in Kentucky.  Michael ODonnell was in the summer of 2006.  Allan Manganello was in September or October of 2006? And Josh was in December of that same year.  Our E-town club is also […]

Mestre Palhares Seminar/Belt Promotions

What a wonderful celebration of our Jiu-Jitsu.  We promoted 10 blue belts, 5 purple belts, 1 brown belt, 2 new black belts and 2 black belts striped up.  All our black belts along with Josh’s teachers Luiz Palhares and Eberhard Kieslich were in the same room for the first time.  Representatives were in attendance from […]

Black Belt Promotions

In addition to Josh receiving his 3rd stripe from Mestre Luiz Palhares, he also had the honor of graduating two new black belts among our ranks.  Junior Dennis and Joe Dibble both have over a decade of training.  Junior has beaten cancer and came back from back surgery to still actively train weekly.  Junior is […]