Bruno Amorim Seminar

We are having a seminar with professional BJJ competitor Bruno Amorim on Feb. 3rd. in Elizabethtown on our mats at Energy.  The seminar will run from 12:00pm-2:00pm and will cost only $35 dollars!  Bruno is from Belo Horzonte in Brasil and is a black belt from the famous Draculinho!!  Here are Bruno’s accomplishments in BJJ: […]

How some submissions got their name

Some of the submissions are just descriptions of the position.  The Brazilians sometimes use the Japanese Judo terminology to describe the position.  Some of the submissions have very unique and and original names from the Brazilians. Ezekial Choke is named after the Brazilian Judoka Ezequiel Paraguassu The Kimura Armlock is named after the Japanese Judoka […]

Women, Fitness and Jiu-Jitsu

I just saw a facebook thread on the topic of women’s fitness and how much is too much.  Obviously, as far as beauty and aesthetics go, it is mostly a matter what is accepted in culture and personal likes and dislikes.  However, from a professional point of view I believe every human organism should be […]

Site Stats for 2012

The site was started in the middle of October.  In a short time we had 6,500 views.  Most visitors were searching for: judo throws, judo techniques, judo throws chart, judo techniques chart, and judo throw chart.  We had visitors from exactly 50 different countries.  Most visitors came from The United States. Brazil & Australia were […]