*  Any BJJ class is subject to be no gi.  Always bring your Gi and No Gi training gear to class.


E-town Athletic Club (EAC), 1506 Ring Rd. Elizabethtown, KY 42701

13 thoughts on “Location

  1. Hello. I was wondering what the costs were for the adult kick boxing classes and if you do private sessions. thank you!

  2. Hello,

    My son, who is 16, and I previously attended Gracie Jiu-Jitsu in Louisville and earned our first stripe on our white belts. We quit going about a year or so ago due to the long drive ( we live in Breckinridge County). We are looking for another place to train as we both really miss it! When is the best time to check out a class and what are your rates?

    Best Regards,
    Corey Knochel

  3. I have not done kickboxing or open mat before, but i am interested in getting involved in that. I am interested and would like to find a place in etown to do so.

  4. Hello,

    I am wanting to learn BJJ and was wondering if you offered any adult beginner classes?

    Thank you
    Brad Benton

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