Statistics about BJJ

STATISTICALLY WHERE MOST MATCHES ARE FINISHED (BY A HUGE PERCENTAGE) Note: you can finish your opponent from any position. 1. Back Mount 2. Mount 3. Guard STATISTICALLY THE HIGHEST PERCENTAGE FINISHES (IN GI) There are literaly thousands of submision, but these you will see repededly. 1. Bow and arrow choke 2. Mount cross choke 3. […]

Kyuzo Mifune’s Principles of Judo

Kyuzo Mifune 1883-1965.  The greatest Judoka of the modern era.  At 5’4″ and 140lbs. he was a pure technician.  He died a 10th dan Master. The Five Principal Points of Judo 1. The soft controls the hard. 2. Strike to kill (resolve any problem with a single decisive action). 3. Do not hold anything  back […]