Mestre Luiz Palhares Seminar coming

December 9th Mestre Luiz Palhares will be in Kentucky to conduct a seminar.  Josh Johnson will also conduct a short self-defense exhibition and then be awarded his 2nd stripe on his black belt.  We will also have several students moving to blue belt!  Make plans to attend now. Sunday, Dec. 9th @ 11am At Energy […]

Seminar in Campbellsville

On Sunday Josh conducted a seminar on the deep half guard at Chris Kent’s Campbellsville BJJ and MMA.  Lots of details and movements.  Everyone did a great job and picked things up very well.  After the seminar Josh promoted Zakk Richerson and John Turner to Blue Belt and longtime students Steve Osmun and Chad Deener […]

Great Week Of Training!

Another great week of training wrapped up today.  We had a small but nice class today.  Worked some simple choke attacks from butterfly guard and then attacked the omo platta from butterfly guard.  Some nice sparring today!

Rolling with Dentinho Part II

Some more pressure.  I’m playing a little half guard game and I pass from leg to leg several times to counter his pass attempts.  He manages to force a couple of mistakes in my posture a couple of times that allows him to pass.  Dentinho will be in Kentucky with us for a whole month […]