Bowling Green Christmas Week Schedule

There is class Saturday, December 22 at 10:30am with the spectacular Shannon Montgomery supervising!  No class Monday or Tuesday due to Christmas Eve and Christmas.  However, we are back to work on Thursday!  Classes have been great and it’s exciting to watch the growth!  Competition is coming in Feb.

Referral Program

Remember, if you refer a student who tries out class and becomes a monthly paying member, you will receive a free month of training!  If you are having problems with your monthly tuition then maybe it’s time to hustle up some new members!!

Grand Master Deoclecio Paulo Vists the Site!!

9th Grau Red Belt Deoclecio Paulo, or Grand Master Deo as he is known visited the site and left a message on  the History of Jiu-Jitsu Brasileiro page!  This was quite a surprise as I have never met or had any interaction with the famous Grand Master!  He affectionately wrote in Portugues, as I imagine […]

Original Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Belt System

(Taken from the Valente brothers of Miami.) In the original Gracie Academy there were no belt level differentiations based on fighting skills. Belt colors were only awarded to distinguish instructors from students. In order to separate themselves from Judo instructors, who were teaching what they considered to be a limited sport for competition rather than […]