Clark Gracie

I’m a big fan of Clark Gracie.  Not only do I love his omoplatta attacks but I also admire his fighting spirit.  He competes a lot and he sometimes loses.  I have seen him lose quite a few matches.  But despite these set-backs he is always in the next championship competing hard and he has […]

Protect Yourself At All Times

In this video Clark Gracie’s neck is being attacked.  He gambles and tries to advance his position to mount instead of defend his neck.  Big mistake.  Remember the Rules I teach. Protect Yourself Be Comfortable Look to put your opponent in a position of weakness relative to you Finish

What is a Budoka?

A Budoka is a peasant who had taken up a weapon and chosen to learn the code of Bushido.  They did not use samarai weapons, were not professional soldiers, but were well versed in unarmed combat.  Just regular middle class or lower middle class citizens who decided to take up arms and learn to fight, […]

Upcoming Competition Dates

May 18th  NewBreed Ultimate Challenge- Nashville, TN May 18th IFC kickboxing event, Southern Indiana June 15th Bluegrass BJJ Open- Louisville, KY July 13th American Grappling Challenge- Lexington, KY July 20th Extreme Grappling Open- Nashville, TN August 4th Master Luiz Palhares Seminar- Elizabethtown, KY August 31st IBJJF ATL Open- Atlanta, GA

NAGA Nashvegas Results

3 Budoka from the Bowling Green school went to do NAGA in Nashville today. Jimmy Koper won his purple belt division. Ethan Coghill and Billy Graves both finished 3rd in their blue belt divisions. Not only do my students have opportunity to compete, but many enjoy it and have become quite adept at handling the […]

Art Imitating Life

5 Things I Learned About Life From Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu By Black Knight Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a grappling sport that focuses on takedowns, ground fighting, and self-defense designed to subdue a stronger opponent. Most current jiu-jitsu originates from the Gracie family, several of whom dominated the early days of mixed martial arts fighting. Royce Gracie won 3 […]

Tokui Waz (Favorite Technique)

Drilling your Tokui Waza is important.  I believe in developing and utilizing very solid fundamental escapes and other positions that are “neutral.”  Being “neutral” means they work for gi, no gi and even self-defense or a real fight situation.  These positions should be the base of your grappling strategy.  However, everyone should develop a Tokui […]