Obrigado Master Luiz Palhares

I just want to make a post that formally acknowledges my love and appreciation for my Jiu-Jitsu Master and friend Luiz Palhares.  Through classes, privates, seminars, training in Brasil and Florida he is responsible for my development and progress. Under his tutelage my Jiu-Jitsu has soared.  He believed enough in me to wrap the black […]

Hugo Azevedo Competing in the ADCC Pro Cup

My great friend and training partner from Rio De Janeiro, Hugo Azevedo.  Hugo just competed in the Adult division of the ADCC Pro Trials in Sao Paulo, Brasil despite being a little “older!”  Hugo is a bjj black belt from the famous Carlson Gracie representative Fernando Pinduka, 8th Grau!  Hugo is also a black belt […]

Competition Results

Chicago IBJJF Open Joe Dibble 2nd place in his purple belt category.  Shannon Montgomery 1st place in blue belt weight category.  Shakia Harris 2nd place in blue belt weight category.  In the open weight with kimono the girls dominated the adult blue belt division closing out the division and sharing the title.  Shakia also competed […]