How some submissions got their name

Some of the submissions are just descriptions of the position.  The Brazilians sometimes use the Japanese Judo terminology to describe the position.  Some of the submissions have very unique and and original names from the Brazilians.

Ezekial Choke is named after the Brazilian Judoka Ezequiel Paraguassu

The Kimura Armlock is named after the Japanese Judoka Masahiko Kimura

What many Americans call the arm triangle is universally known amongst the Brazilians as the Kata Gatame, the Japanese Judo name.

The “key lock” armlock is known as the Americana because the American Bob Anderson was so fond of teaching and using it on a trip to Brazil in the 70’s

The Rear Naked Choke is known as the Mata Leao or Lion Killer in Portuguese.



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