Receiving a New Belt

Sakizuke is a Japanese word that literally means to attach early or before it is time.  This word is often used in JuJutsu and Judo to describe receiving a new belt.  No one is ever truly ready mentally, physically or emotionally for the next belt.  With a new belt comes new responsibilities and different objectives.  […]

World Class is How We Roll!

We had the honor of not only hosting Master Luiz Palhares (7th degree coral belt in Jiu-Jitsu), but we also had Eberhard Kieslich Sensei (6th Dan Judoka) on the mats!  Sensei Eb’s resume: “Sensei Kieslich has over 35 years of judo experience and has quite a few accomplishments under his belt. In 1995 and again […]

Luiz Palhares Seminar

The seminar was great!!  Sensei Eb from Brandenburg was in attendance and taught 2 judo takedowns before we moved on to the ground to work of some passes from Master Palhares!  From passing we switched to lasso sweeps, De La Riva sweeps and Reverse De La Riva.  It was a great seminar!!  Obrigado Master!

End of Year Belt Promotions

We celebrated belt promotions this weekend while Master Luiz Palhares was here to conduct a seminar and show us some new positions.  We promoted some excellent athletes and technicians this time.  Most importantly all of our newly promoted comrades are physically and mentally seasoned on the mats.  I don’t promote people because they paid me […]

Great training in BG last night!

The WKU Club visited the Bowling Green Academy last night.  We trained hard and celebrated 3 new blue belts from the WKU Club!  Congrats to Chris, Matt and Nathan!  And also congratulations to their teachers, Travis and Ricardo!  We had 32 in attendance and the training was hard!  Here are a couple pics….     […]

The mental game.

Is your mental game strong?   Do you mentally prepare without stressing yourself out?  Do you surround yourself with the right people?  Does your significant other, get it?  Or does he/she cause you additional anxiety?  Do  you run off to florida and skip training before a fight?  Check out this video…..

Enter our New Automated Texting System

Attention Jiu-Jitsu Students: If you want to be included in the new automated message system here is how to register. 1. Etown Students text @c8b7 Bowling Green students text @bgbjj 2. Here is the number you text to 385-282-6461 3. You will be asked your name and when you respond it will be entered into […]