End of Year Belt Promotions

We celebrated belt promotions this weekend while Master Luiz Palhares was here to conduct a seminar and show us some new positions.  We promoted some excellent athletes and technicians this time.  Most importantly all of our newly promoted comrades are physically and mentally seasoned on the mats.  I don’t promote people because they paid me money.  I don’t promote people because they have spent a little time at a certain belt level.  I don’t promote people cause they can perfectly repeat a series of dead motor pattern from a piece of paper.  A combination of knowledge, mat time, performance, attitude and toughness are the ingredients.  Real blue and purple belts are a dieing breed.  Rest assured you are one!  First and foremost, we do honor to the tradition of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu!

E-town Blue Belt:

Art Mills, Iron Face Shores, Jesse Stover, Joey Brooks, Dave Thomas,

Bowling Green Blue Belt:

Billy Graves, Ethan Coghill, Ricky Jones

Bowling Green Purple Belt:

Jimmy Koper

*Professor Josh Johnson (me) got promoted as well.  He is now faixa preta 2nd grau (2 stripe black belt).

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