Receiving a New Belt

Sakizuke is a Japanese word that literally means to attach early or before it is time.  This word is often used in JuJutsu and Judo to describe receiving a new belt.  No one is ever truly ready mentally, physically or emotionally for the next belt.  With a new belt comes new responsibilities and different objectives.  When you receive your belt you must prove you deserve it.  Often times you must grow into it.  You have to train to make it “fit.”   This is a process that takes mat time, reflection and maturity.  I personally never felt ready for any of my belt promotions.  In fact, I didn’t feel like a was a black belt until I had already been one for 3 years.  Humility is important to ensure you continue growing.

This is why I say, “If you think you are really good you are ignorant and if you think you deserve the next belt you already proved you don’t.”  Most people will fully understand this.  If you don’t quite get it then you need to humble yourself.

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