How are your guillotine and mata leao chokes?

11 year UFC Study found:
101 mata Leao finishes (rear naked for you mma gurus)
62 guillotine finishes
33 triangles
15 kimuras
13 arm triangles
8 anaconda chokes
5 kneebars
4 straight ankle locks
4 heel hooks
4 arm bars
3 brabo chokes
2 triangle armbars
1 each of D’arce, americana, north south choke, peruvian necktie, reverse armbar, triangle kimura, twister

Only 1 joint lock made it into double digits!! Interesting list and good info on how to focus your training. Here is another one.

5 year study of ADCC Championships
47% of all finishes were chokes
29% were leg attacks
24% other submissions

No matter what your game is, if you drill it enough you will find success there. However, statistically speaking, at least as far as no gi goes, the neck is the place to attack. The guillotine and mata leao are the weapons of choice. Learn to use them and defend them!!! When I see these results I think of Debandi. His game is very simple and direct. He likes to double leg, he likes to take the back, he likes to play butterfly guard, he loves to attack with the guillotine.

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