World Championships May 30-June 2

Shakia Harris and Shannon Montgomery competed in the World Championships this year in Long Beach, California!  It was an awesome trip and a true Jiu-Jitsu Exodus.  To compete at that level requires preparation, dedication, and true skill.  Both the ladies did well.  Shakia drew a tough first match against a Canadian International Judo competitor.  She played a smart game but succumbed in the end.  Shannon drew a European in round 1 and quickly choked her.  She caught a tight gogoplatta while playing with the omoplatta in her second match.  As the girl was choking she slammed Shannon and got DQ’d.  In the 3rd round Shannon quickly threw with tomeonage and when her opponent turned out of it she went to it again and ended up with the armbar position the second time for a quick win and a ticket to the finals!!  In the finals she had Ana Carolina Vieira, sister of Rodolfo Vieira and last years blue belt champion as well!  The early part of the match was very competitive until Ana managed to pass the guard.  She eventually caught Shannon’s neck and forced the submission.  Shannon Montgomery, Silver medal in the World Championships!!  Also extremely proud of Shakia Harris for helping run a table and work the event.  We need more of this type of service from BJJ enthusiasts and academies.  It is important for the further growth and development of the sport.  Here are some pics from our trip to California.


wpid-IMAG0952.jpg345 61112131416

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