Tokui Waz (Favorite Technique)

Drilling your Tokui Waza is important.  I believe in developing and utilizing very solid fundamental escapes and other positions that are “neutral.”  Being “neutral” means they work for gi, no gi and even self-defense or a real fight situation.  These positions should be the base of your grappling strategy.  However, everyone should develop a Tokui Waza that is your signature technique.  It can vary in complexity from very simple with one entry or very complex with variations and entries.  Your Tokui Waza should be dangerous to anyone you grapple with.  As you progress you might have a couple sequences of Tokui Waza.  For example I (Josh) like to entangle the arm with my legs with the omoplatta on bottom and the ashi gatame when I force the turtle.  Here are some videos of Junior, Freddy and I drilling our favorite techniques.


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