2013 Academy Resolutions!!

1.  Encourage more competitors in BJJ, No Gi, Kickboxing, and MMA and especially IBJJF Jiu-Jitsu tournaments.

2.  Encourage our athletes to more thoroughly prepare for competition.

3.  Increase our student enrollment by 10-15%.

4.  Finish student handbooks so students have a curriculum to follow including sport competition and MMA training curriculum.

5.  Implement student evaluation and testing procedures for stripes and belts.

6.  Plan more academy activities and functions for students and their families.

7.  Infuse more student discipline.  No cussing, punctuality, proper equipment, attention to teaching and details, etc.

8.  Conduct two “in-house” tournaments this year for Team One members.

9.  Run two 5k races as a team.

10.  Participate in one fundraiser or charitable event as a team.

11.  First Thursday each month team training in Bowling Green. (E-town, Bowling Green, WKU Club, Campbellsville)

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