Technique and Drilling

This is an old video from 2007.  I run through some standing takedowns and throws and then do some ground drilling.  Please excuse the red pants.  It is very disrespectful and while I love this video I wish I had never been filmed with mismatched pants and top on!  Please excuse my lack of discipline.

Gracie Humaita!

Located in the Humaita district of Rio De Janeiro this is the original Gracie Academy.  This was where Helio taught and Rickson trained.  This is also the patch our own Master Luiz Palhares repped!  Check out this video of Rolker Gracie running a class at Gracie Humaita. Enjoy!

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Old School!!

I love this video.  In the beginning when they are sparring it looks just like judo!  Then of course on the ground the leg work from the guard that the Gracies are known for.  The Self-Defense section is beautiful.  A real Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu knows the self-defense curriculum.

Where Belt Ranks Come From

Taken from In the days before Kano created Judo, there was no kyu/dan ranking system in the martial arts. A more traditional method of recognizing achievement was the presentation of certificates or scrolls, often with the secrets of the school inscribed. Kano started the modern rank system when he awarded shodan to two of […]