Gobble Gobble!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving Holiday.  I had a great break personally.  Thanksgiving Eve and Thanksgiving Day training in E-town was excellent!  Great numbers and a lot of fun.  Someone of facebook commented that they were surprised we had a training session on Thanksgiving.  They shouldn’t be.  Many of us have been training […]

A Quote to Ponder

“Jiu-Jitsu is a circle some of us transform into a circus.  We go and try more advanced and complicated options.  But at the end of the circle we come back to the simple basic position.”  -Helio Gracie

Casca Grossa!

Casca Grossa is a Brazilian Portuguese Jiu-Jitsu term used to describe someone seasoned on the mat.  It means “tough as nails” or “tough guy.”  More literally it means toughened skin or shell like a callous.  Basically it is that guy with the worn gi, cauliflower ear, jacked up fingers and intensity in his eyes!  Coming […]

Technique and Drilling

This is an old video from 2007.  I run through some standing takedowns and throws and then do some ground drilling.  Please excuse the red pants.  It is very disrespectful and while I love this video I wish I had never been filmed with mismatched pants and top on!  Please excuse my lack of discipline.

Gracie Humaita!

Located in the Humaita district of Rio De Janeiro this is the original Gracie Academy.  This was where Helio taught and Rickson trained.  This is also the patch our own Master Luiz Palhares repped!  Check out this video of Rolker Gracie running a class at Gracie Humaita. Enjoy!

Gracies Training for MMA

This video fascinates me.  It is basically a brainstorming session amongst an awesome cast of participants.  Helio Gracie leads his sons Rolker, Royce and Royler Gracie as well as his Grandson Ralek Gracie and his nephew Rodrigo Gracie.