Cauliflower Ear, the Badge of Combat

Robert Jenkins has been struggling with cauliflower ear lately.  It reminded me of the Greek statues of the old days.  He sent me this pic today!









Here is the bronze Boxer of Quirinal, also known as the Terme Boxer, is a  Hellenistic Greek sculpture dated around 330 B.C. of a sitting boxer with caestus, a type of leather hand-wrap, in the collection of the National Museum of Rome.

Terme Boxer, is a Hellenistic Greek sculpture dated around 330 B.C. of a sitting boxer








If you take a closer look at his face.  The statue is a masterpiece of Hellenistic athletic professionalism, with a top-heavy over-muscled torso and scarred face, cauliflower ears, broken nose, and a mouth suggesting broken teeth.   The lips and wounds and scars about the face were originally inlaid with copper, and further copper inlays on the right shoulder, forearm, and thigh represented drops of blood. Good times in the ancient world!!

450px-Thermae_boxer_Massimo_Inv1055_n3Theban poet Pindar celebrates the surpassing value of a victory in the Olympic chariot-race in this 5th century BC poem.

Water is preeminent and gold, like a fire
burning in the night, outshines
all possessions that magnify men’s pride.
But if, my soul, you yearn
to celebrate great games,
look no further
for another star
shining through the deserted ether
brighter than the sun, or for a contest
mightier than Olympus—
where the song
has taken its coronal
design of glory, plaited
in the minds of poets
as they come, calling on Zeus’ name,
to the rich radiant hall of Hieron,
who wields the scepter of justice in Sicily,
reaping the prime of every distinction.
(Ol. 1.1-12)












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