Casca Grossa!

Casca Grossa is a Brazilian Portuguese Jiu-Jitsu term used to describe someone seasoned on the mat.  It means “tough as nails” or “tough guy.”  More literally it means toughened skin or shell like a callous.  Basically it is that guy with the worn gi, cauliflower ear, jacked up fingers and intensity in his eyes!  Coming from an athletic background I never bought into the Gracie fantasy that athletic ability and physical attributes are not important and that technique trumps all.  From a marketing standpoint that is incredibly wise.  From an ethical stand point that is reckless and negligent.  Your physical attributes are important and need to be developed.  As does your mental toughness.  And of course Technique is critical.

The key to becoming good at jiu-jitsu is learning a few basic techniques and training hard and training often.  You have to believe in yourself.  Everyone can achieve.  I have seen it for two decades.  Through hard training, you transform your body into a jiu-jitsu organism.  Reflexes, stability, instincts, pressure, pressure pressure and experience are what makes someone casca grossa!  Winning or losing is of no consequence for the casca grossa.  Only the thrill of combat and the satisfaction that comes from effort and exhaustion.  Win or lose, Fight Like A Lion!  The indomitable spirit!
Here are a few of our Casca Grossa Purples and Blues.  They are representative of many that we have.  Just a few soldiers in an army.

Brandon Debandi from Bowling Green and Steve Osmun from Campbellsville

Travis Poulton from WKU Club and Tyler Young from Bowling Green

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