Special and Unique Pictures From History Thanx to Master Fernando Pinduka

Kosen Judo Championship

Very old school of Fusen Ryu Jujutsu (See our history page for more info on Fusen Ryu).

The Famous Kimura Sensei with some of his troups

Master Koizumi who founded Judo in France and is a great influence of Judo throughout Europe

Master Yukio Tani. He founded the first school of Judo/Jujutsu in London. The academy still stands today and Roger Gracie frequently trains there amongst various elite level Judoka. This position should look familiar. We have been working on it lately

Fusen Ryu Headmaster Tanabe. His school defeated the Kodokan in the famous challenge matches at the turn of the last century. They were famous for dragging their opponents into groundwork and defeating them on the ground.

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