Bowling Green Adult Class

Very good Class tonight!  I presented a progression of positions from cem kilos (side control), joelho na bahiga (knee on belly), and submissions.  I then turned the class loose to work the variety of positions simultaneously.  I have been studying this methodology lately.  Just repeating positions is not skill practice it is learning a mechanical movement.  Mechanical movements to not transfer to live rolling.  I have experienced this in my 16 years of Jiu-Jitsu and in my 11 years of teaching Elementary School Physical Education.  Mindlessly repeating part or whole mechanical movements (techniques) in a static position has little value during actual game play.  Applying the technique skillfully requires sensitivity, timing and decision making.  Providing students with “Play Practice” allows them to apply the concepts within their own context.  They can troubleshoot, apply tokui wazas (favorite techniques) and learn from mistakes.  For more info on nonlinear motor development look up the “constraints lead approach” and “Play Practice.”


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