Adult Promotions

Congratulations to our adults who earned new belts! Kathleen Brewer to purple sitting between black belt Professors Adam Arebalo and Josh Johnson.  Back row left to right, Brandon Debandi to black belt, Jordan Hampton and Eric Board to purple belts, Nick Morris to blue belt and Rob Mooney to purple belt.  

Kiowana Wins!

​Congratulations to Kiowana Phillips!  She won her No Gi and Gi divisions last weekend in NAGA Nashville. She also competed in a 3rd division to help make sure another woman got a match!  Great job Kiah!

Taylor Wood Wins MMA Debut!

Taylor Wood won his MMA Debut by first round ref stoppage!  After an exchange of punches he quickly clinched and forced the action to the cage wall.  From there he controlled the takedown to side control, from there he secured knee on belly to mount and punched his opponent till the ref stopped it!  Congratulations […]