Starting classes

All students must do a temperature check and sign in stating they are not sick and haven’t been around anyone sick. Kids must wear masks during class.
New Students start on Monday for Jiu-Jitsu or Tuesday for kickboxing…. 
Payments are due the 15th of each month.  Cash, Check made out to Josh Johnson, or Venmo/paypal
Adult Options

1.       Classes are $75 per month for unlimited training 

2.       Gi cost is $50.  Kickboxing gear is $75(gloves, shin guards, mouthpiece, wraps)

3.       Can pay $150 to start and get 2 months of classes and a free grappling uniform.

4.       Can pay $200 first month and get 2 months of classes, a grappling uniform, and kickboxing gear. 

5.       $15 dollars per day rate.

Youth Class is $75 monthly and the gi is free
Family Rates:  $75+$50+ 3rd or more family members are $25 each addtional

Student Expectations:
All Students are expected to act responsibly both during class and outside of class.  Anyone who is using techniques irresponsibly, are acting unlawful, or otherwise poorly representing the club will no longer be welcome training with us.  We do reserve the right to exclude anyone we deem unsavory from learning and growing with us.

Parent Expectations: Currently we do not have seating due to Covid-19. At the conclusion of class the students will be walked out to the side lot to be picked up by parents. I plan to have at least one night a month for parents to observe and train with their child. We want Jiu-Jitsu to be fun so encourage and support your child. Teaching submissions at home to your child could result in injury to another student in class. Please refrain from teaching them off curriculum techniques outside of class. Belt promotions are at the discretion of instructors. I can assure you that we all want to see the kids belting up at every opportunity. However, it is a huge responsibility for all involved.

2 thoughts on “Starting classes

  1. Good Afternoon! Is this a good way to get info? I have some questions about the programs and I couldnt get through on number provided. Thank you

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