Here is the current schedule (always subject to change). We are a membership only club of like minded and motivated members. This is not your standard customer/ consumer commercial business. Our program is as much a social education as it is a fighting/self-defense education. Unsavory people are not welcome and will promptly be shown the door.

Our interests are:
1. Teaching technically sound skills
2. Self-growth
3. Physical competence and development of students
4.. Quality over quantity. We are not just collecting members. We are collecting the right members.

“Mutual Welfare and Benefit For All”

This has been our business model for 16 years and it has served us well. If you are interested come check out a class. The first week of each month is the best time to do this. We have people of all experience levels and all walks of life. We have an elite program without the elitist attitude, contracts, commercial pressure, costly belt promotions, and all the other business trickery.

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